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Our advantages

We perform tasks


Our team is ready to carry out the projects of any complexity, from the creation of simple landing pages, websites, mobile widgets, to major, large-scale projects.



You can always count on 100% completion of the project you ordered from us. You always get our support at all stages of cooperation.


You can be sure that we will not fail you for the time limits specified in the contract and all tasks will be completed before the deadline


It often happens that there is no universal solution for every business. That is why we have an individual solution for all our clients.


Our team includes only high-level specialists to provide services to our clients at the highest level.


In order to nullify the situations of misunderstanding on both sides, all the details of cooperation are set in the contract.


In addition to development of the mobile applications and websites, we provide services for their promotion on the Internet in order to get targeted users and visitors.


We know how applications and websites should look like / work to generate revenue.


We always stand ready to assist in the creation or adaptation of new or already existing product, whether it pertains to a mobile application, website or company for promoting your product.

Cooperation with us is

Officially registered company with its staff of highly qualified specialists
We conclude and work only under an official contract until the completion of services.
Full and integrated development cycle of applications and websites
We develop your product from technical specifications and prototypes to posting / publishing on the Internet, App Store and Play Market.
We use any type of communication
We always keep in touch with the customer in any way convenient for him through communication for discussion and presentation.
Long-term experience in the IT field
We apply an extensive experience in information technologies to carry out projects of any complexity.
We develop the terms of reference (TR)
We create terms of reference and prototype as part of designing applications and websites.
We create all turnkey projects
We develop mobile applications, websites and companies for their promotion with a backend for all platforms.

Why order from us?

Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android

When choosing us, the customers receive a well-thought-out product that brings income or makes life easier for a huge number of people! Our team includes high-level specialists. We develop the applications for mobile devices based on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android platforms. Our team creates solutions for business, advertising applications, for education, medicine, sports, recreation, taxi services, commerce, design and other customized mobile products. As we begin the development of the project, we implement analytics and set the goals to be achieved using the application. A detailed analysis of the market, competitors, target audience, trend and experience in the concerned area provides an opportunity to clearly define the business problems, their solutions and the final result.

Full cycle of turnkey development and technologies applied

Our company offers a full cycle of mobile application development! From creation of the concept, the writing of the terms of reference and the prototype to the publication of the project, its support and development. We apply advanced technologies to create the mobile applications: iOS-Swift, Xcode, MVC patterns, Android-Java, MVC/MVP, Android SDK, cross-platform - Ionic 1-3 (Cordova), JS, Angular JS.

We bear full responsibility for the result

We comply with the regulations and are responsible for the quality and terms of our products. We conclude contracts that clearly specify all types and scope of work we perform, as well as the deadlines and final result for customers

Honesty and transparency of cooperation

We are always in touch with our customers. At each stage of cooperation, we inform the customer about all ongoing operations concerning the creation of its project, give advices for making the best decision. At the initial stages of cooperation, we approve the cost of services, so our customers are always sure that the final invoice for the work performed will be fair and correct in accordance with the terms of reference, without any unreasonable additional figures.

Only qualified and professional staff in the team

Together we create the functional and productive turnkey projects. Our team includes qualified specialists: project managers, frontend developers, backend developers, designers, performance enhancers and testers.

Increased effectiveness of your business

Marketing via the app
Nowadays, it’s not enough only to enter the market, since buyers have become more demanding, one still need to know how to shop and sell itself correctly. Every stable and serious company, store or brand has its own application where the actions are held in order to attract new customers, company branding, confidence building. The communication between the website and the application has a very positive impact on the increase in the clientele, since it is possible to bring the users from website to a mobile application and continue working with potential client.
Effectiveness of your activity
What result can be obtained by creating your own mobile application? For some types of business, a mobile application is really necessary and can bring additional revenue and increase the customer loyalty. If you are constantly working with your customers, then the development of mobile applications iOS and Android will greatly help in sales and optimization of all internal processes.
The target audience
Let’s imagine you are a business coach, actor, you have a clothing store, a travel agency, own radio station, your website and your channel in the air. By installing your application, you can be sure that the users of your application are mainly your target audience, which is interested in you and your field of activity. What gives you a mobile application: push messages will inform the users about your news, promotions, and offers and so on, by means of the analytics and reviews in the application you will be able to receive feedback. Mobile application is a powerful business tool!
Mobile applications in everyday life
this attribute. With such application for your business in place, it would be safe to assume that that the flow and customer base will increase significantly. With a probability exceeding 80%, the phone is readily accessible at all times, one don’t even need to have Internet at hand, since all information can be displayed without an Internet connection. The user treats the mobile applications with great confidence, because they are his personal.