Testing of Your Application
It's better to use our automated testing services for the best test of your application!

Due to the fact that the applications defects are found too late, more than a half of all software projects do not meet the objectives and do not fully perform the functions for which these applications were developed. To solve such problems, the test automation services are used. These services verify the results of the application and provide a mechanism for a consistently repeating of the test procedure. This can be effective both for the regression testing and during the development. We do not just create the automation scripts in our company, we also focus on creating the end-to-end life-cycle automation solutions which provide the high-quality software products.

We help You to make Your applications function without errors, in the most efficient way!
Testing the User Interface Automation Services
Our testing experience allows us to integrate the test automation for web and mobile projects which performs the user interface testing. We use SeleniumWebDriver for the web projects testing, and as for the projects iOS we use iOSAutomationFramework from Apple.
Automatic testing RESTAPI
We provide the automated testing services RESTAPI, which ensure the reliability and the performance during the test.
Automatic Unit tests
A significant role is played by the automated testing of business modules and code functionality. We offer the service level automation and the data access testing for the multi-level MVC applications. An automatic Unit Testing plays an integral role in the continuous integration and delivery.
Creating of the automated test data
An intelligent and automated test data creation mechanism helps to create the useful test data. A well-designed test data allows you to cover all possible test cases and improve the performance of your product.